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Shkmeri, Racha / Nino Natsvlishvili - recommended by "Mtis Ambebi"

The Russian law will suppress independent media and civil society organizations in Georgia, as it happened in Putin's Russia.

When you are oppressed, there will be no one to cover your problem and stand by you.

Mtis Ambebi will resist the Russian intention of the Georgian Dream to the end!

Tuesday, 09 August 2022 13:36 hits 1558 times

Starting today, the Facebook page of the "Mtis Ambebi" online edition will offer you the column "Recommended". "Mtis Ambebi" will recommend to a large audience (up to 400,000 active users) the services offered by people or groups from the mountainous regions of Georgia:

✔ Where people need the support of society.

✔ Where the decisions taken by the government secretly from the people, without the participation of the citizens and against their will, destroy the opportunities for sustainable development of the local population;

✔ Places like Tkibuli and Chiatura, where the government portrays the dependence on coal and manganese mining respectively, as the only reality;

✔ Where villages are empty of people due to the problems accumulated by the government's carelessness and indifference;

✔ Where depopulated villages, especially in the border regions of Georgia and Russia, are under the risk of occupation.

"Mtis Ambebi" will recommend to the audience only natural products and quality-oriented hosting services.

The first person we would like to introduce to you is Nino (Niaz) Natsvlishvili, from Zemo Racha, from the village of Usholta, Shkmeri community. Usholta is situated on the edge of the road connecting Sachkhere to Oni. A few days ago, we experienced the delicious flavors of Racha beans, peasant khachapuri, cheese, and ekala prepared by Nino and other Shkmeri women, when we ordered dinner as part of the press tour organized by "Mtis Ambebi" in Racha. Moreover, Shkmeri women will offer you the original Shkmeruli. To order, call Nino 2-3 hours in advance - 599 53 49 70

Please share your impressions with us.

Shkmeri women are opposed to open pit mining of manganese in Shkmer. They do not want Racha gate to be destroyed like the villages of Zemo Imereti. The choice of Shkmeri women is the development of ecotourism and agriculture in Racha.

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