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Svan towers News

We can support Svan towers

They know restoration works on cultural heritage, even, when necessary, are prohibited. They may get fined for 5000 Lari, 2,5 times more than the price for a roof for one tower. Locals have waited for ten years for the government…

Life at risk and Javakheti left to be dependent on Russian money News

Life at risk and Javakheti left to be dependent on Russian money

„You see village Aspara from here. More than 100 people lived there 20 years ago. Now there’s only one resident. If our problems are not fixed, Akhali Khulgumo will become a deserted village too.

Madona Tserediani History & Culture

Latliishd – Svan women trying to preserve ancient traditions

„Svanetian salt became so popular and easy to produce, now only name remains from an original product. The same can be said about the Svanetian hat – in the Latali community, consisting of 10 villages, only one person creates Svanetian…

Village Ushguli, Upper Svaneti News

Why Ushguli may lose the world heritage status

Village Chazhashi, situated in Upper Svaneti, Ushguli community, received a world heritage status in 1996. Twenty-five years later, the village may lose this acknowledgment. Ushguli remains one of the most exciting destinations among local and international visitors. Despite that, recently…

In the photo - Nika Melia at the opposition protest rally on October 31 News

Opposition parties do not accept the results of the run-off elections in Georgia

On October 31, Nika Melia, candidate for the mayor of Tbilisi from the United National Movement, announced a massive protest gathering on Sunday, November 7.

Kachvani's family / village Leusheri, Lower Svaneti News

Online education lessons go offline in Georgia

It is 09:55am. 16-year-old Nino Khachvani has a Georgian culture class. But due to the Covid 19 pandemic, instead of a school bell she gets a phone call from her teacher Indira who tells Nino to join her remote learning…

The village without diplomas – Avarians without education Society

The village without diplomas – Avarians without education

“Shamil, come here, there are journalists waiting for you, they want to talk to you.” Five minutes later a fifteen years old, slim boy approaches the gates of the house, welcomes us and stands beside his mom with a shy…

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