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Road to Itum-Kali district, Chechnya Society

What we (do not) know on the Georgia-Chechnya road and how 1000 hectares came under Russian control

The Chechen-Georgian road, the construction of which is warned by…

Anatori, Khevsureti History & Culture

Anatori - The village wiped out in the burial vault

Anatori is situated in Khevsureti, three kilometers away from Shatili.…

Amiran Zviadauri Lonely

Archilo revitalized - The furthermost village of Khevsureti

Badri Zviadauri, 32, was the last person permanently living in…

Paata Khakhiauri Lonely

Unbelievable story of a lonely man from Khakhabo

Nino Barnabishvili first knew of Paata Khakhiauri from a report…