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Lasha Orjonikidze

Lasha Orjonikidze

Multimedia reporter at, a historian by education. Lasha works on topics related to environmental protection, mountainous regions, and social issues. E-mail: [email protected]

Leave or die News

Leave or die

All three characters of this report live in Upper Svaneti. All of them needed dialysis to live. Two of them left Svaneti, the third left and died aged 55. The National Dialysis Program in Georgia started in 1996, but the…

Lola Berchliani News

The last of Berchlianis in Svaneti

She visits two-hundred-year-old machub, looking at Ushba every day. She walks around the decaying house, peeps inside from the nailed-up door, weeps, and returns to her relatives’ house, where she lives now. The last of Berchlianis is 83. Her family…

Paata Khakhiauri Lonely

Unbelievable story of a lonely man from Khakhabo

Nino Barnabishvili first knew of Paata Khakhiauri from a report in “Mtis Ambebi.” “Mtis Ambebi” also helped him buy furniture and domestic technology for the house he built this year. The newly-married couple will be the first in 20 years…

Alarming blood lead level in children - Special report News

Alarming blood lead level in children - Special report

Gia, 11 has a blood lead level of 104 μg/dL (micrograms per deciliter), 20 times higher than the blood lead reference value for children – 5. Giorgi, 9, also has a blood lead level 12 times higher than average. Both…

Mackenna - The gold panner from Svaneti Nature

Mackenna - The gold panner from Svaneti

From November to May, when the stream level in Enguri bed declines, he stands in the water the whole day, prospecting for gold. Once, he even found a 22-gram nugget. He was 15 when he started gold panning and has…

Racha: On the Occupation Line News

Racha: On the Occupation Line

Anyone who visits the village of Iri can’t fail to recognize Vasil Maisuradze’s house. It’s the one with the big blue flag dotted with gold stars on the fence. If you were to ask him about it, he’d likely reply:…